Telematics. It’s a complicated-sounding word with a simple, straightforward promise — help being a better driver, lower insurance rates — and a wide range of vehicle use and maintenance monitoring for commercial vehicles

We introduced a telematics app, called Signal, for individuals and families almost two years ago.

With Signal, you download an app to your smartphone, register it with us and it monitors the driving habits of you and members of your family. You can save up to 25 percent on your insurance just by installing the app on your phone and registering it with us. Worst case is that you save .5 percent. The savings is even more if you have youthful drivers (under 25) on your policy.

Now we’re also offering any client who has a commercial auto policy through us a year’s access to Zephyr, a telematics program that allows you to track your commercial vehicles.

Zephyr monitors vehicles in real time, tracking battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicles. And it can ensure that employees aren’t using company vehicles for personal trips.

Zephyr also automatically tracks miles driven in different IFTA (tax) zones, saving you hours of manual data entry for your IFTA tax reporting.

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