Fire safety in the workplace is key to fire prevention and protection. It’s always important to invest in business insurance in case a fire does occur. However, a lot of fires are completely preventable as long as you have the right equipment and educate your employees on how to properly respond.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know in order to promote fire safety in the workplace. This will help you keep your equipment in the best condition and ensure your devices properly function in the case of an emergency.

Steps for Fire Safety in the Workplace

  1. Educate Your Company

The first step to fire safety in the workplace is to make sure that every single employee knows where the fire extinguisher is located and how to use it. By educating your company on fire safety, you can alleviate any issues that could happen during fire.

The best way to educate your company on fire safety is through presentations, handouts, or live demonstrations. It’s also vital that all of the building occupants know how to react when they hear a fire alarm go off or hear it make a noise — that’s where our next step comes in.

  1. Have An Emergency/Evacuation Plan

You should go through fire evacuation drills to ensure everyone in the building knows how to safely react to a fire. A fire drill should be scheduled for every couple of months to ensure the building occupants are up to date and in routine of how to respond to a fire.

Another main reason you should practice an evacuation plan is so that your employees know which emergency exits to use, where they’re located, how to safely escape if the exits are blocked, and more. If you’re in an older building on the 1st floor with windows that open, it may be helpful to see if any nearby windows will let you climb outside.

  1. Install the Right Equipment

You must have the right equipment installed in order to prevent a fire from spreading. The proper equipment will alert the fire department and building occupants when there’s a problem. Not to mention, it could put out the fire in time before it spreads.

The right equipment includes fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, and a fire extinguisher. These devices not only save lives, but they can also save the building, and save the owner money on costly restorations.

  1. Test Your Equipment

It’s important to test your equipment on a regular basis so you know it will work in your time of need. Most of your alarms or detection devices should have a test button on them, making it easy to check it they’re working.

The reason you should always test your equipment is so that you know if something needs repaired. It’s also a good way to make sure the batteries don’t need replaced, there isn’t any dust or debris built up on your devices, and that everything is running smoothly.

  1. Schedule Regular Checkups

Along with testing your equipment regularly, another vital part of fire safety in the workplace is scheduling regular checkups. Frontier Fire is Colorado’s leader in fire protection and can examine your fire alarm, fire sprinkler, or backflow device on a regular basis.

Frontier Fire also specialized in installations, repairs, and maintenance of all fire protection devices. So when you’re ready to make your workplace a safer place, call Frontier Fire at 303-629-0221.