If you own a motorcycle, you probably have it insured – even if you use it strictly for recreation.

For insurance purposes, I think of snowmobiles as being a lot like motorcycles on skis. You’re insuring the same kind of risks for both, at least if your motorcycle usage is off road and strictly recreational.

Recreational snowmobile owners are less likely to have insurance than motorcycle owners. But I encourage anyone who owns and uses a snowmobile to insure it as well – even if you only use if for off-road recreation. If you use snowmobiles for business – renting them to other users, for example – you definitely need insurance to protect your business against liability from accidents caused by people using your equipment.

Both motorcycle and snowmobile insurance protect you in case you injure someone or damage their property. One difference, is that many motorcyclists drive them on roads and in traffic and that brings into play a whole set of issues that generally don’t apply to snowmobiles.

Insuring your snowmobile is easy and reasonably priced. And, generally provides the same coverages as for any off-road vehicle.

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