In my last article, I offered some tips for getting your home and car ready for winter – things that can save you money on repairs and your insurance.

But what about getting yourself ready for winter? Are you ready to survive an extended period stranded in an unheated house without electricity?

That’s always a possibility anywhere in Colorado if a major snowstorm leaves your neighborhood without electricity and your street buried too deep in snow for you to drive out.

So, to be safe, it’s a good idea to stockpile enough food to make it through a week without heat or power. And you’ll want the food you have stockpiled to be things with a long shelf-life and that can be eaten without needing to be cooked.

Nuts are one choice. Most of them are filling and high in protein. Granola and other food bars work well. Freeze-dried foods are another thing to consider. Canned or pickled vegetables may not be a gourmet choice if you eat them without heating, but they’re better than nothing. Be creative. Just be sure to stockpile food you and your family enjoy.

Keep a good shovel on hand. Having a way to dig yourself out may mean having to spend less time stranded in a cold, dark house.

Candles, flashlights or another light source that doesn’t require connecting to the electrical grid will keep you from spending you evenings in the dark. You may want to gather around your fireplace, if you have one, to keep warm. If you have a generator, you may even be able to use a portable space heater to keep warm. But make sure any generators or other combustion engines are properly vented. Otherwise they can kill you.

Chances are you already have blankets and winter coats. But having a stockpile of warm clothes and blankets is a must if stranded in a cold house.

Be prepared. But enjoy the season, too. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year.  And have a safe, warm winter.

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