The warmer weather we’ve been having means spring is here, summer is on its way — and there are more motorcycles on the road.

And it’s a good time for a reminder to be even more vigilant while driving. Accidents involving motorcycles often happen because automobile drivers simply fail to see them, particularly when changing lanes.

If you own a motorcycle or are thinking about buying one, it’s also a good time to make sure your motorcycle insurance is up to date and suited to your needs.

We’ve updated the coverages we offer by adding several new options to our motorcycle insurance over the past year that you may want to consider.

One of them is Total Loss Settlement. For the first five years of coverage on a new motorcycle, we’ll replace your bike if it’s a total loss with a current-year version of the make and model you own.

We’ve also added Agreed Value Settlement for total losses, instead of the Actual Cash Value offered under most policies. What’s the difference? With Agreed Value Settlement, you can insure your bike for a given amount — an amount that covers all or most of its replacement value, for example. With Actual Cash Value, your insurer pays the blue book value of your bike, which may be much less than what it would cost to replace if it’s totaled.

And we now offer Diminishing Deductibles. Each year you go without a chargeable accident, we’ll reduce your deductible.

We also offer coverage for most off-road vehicles, including ATVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts and snowmobiles.

Of course, we still offer a variety of coverage packages designed to meet different budgets and situations — for motorcycles and for off-road vehicles. Here’s a summary of our motorcycle packages:

Motorcycle Saver Package

Quality coverage at an affordable cost. Features include first-accident forgiveness; $500 of optional equipment coverage for Harley-Davidson classes and available optional equipment coverage for other classes; available towing and roadside assistance; and $500 helmet and apparel coverage.

Motorcycle Plus Package

Covers everything in the Saver Package plus higher optional equipment and helmet and safety apparel coverage. Towing and roadside assistant with basic trip interruption coverage are included automatically along with $500 additional medical payment for DOT helmets. Track Day coverage also is included. Optional features include transport trailer coverage, medical payments, increased limits of liability, and increased amounts of optional equipment coverage.

Motorcycle Elite Package

Coverage for when “good” isn’t “good enough.” Especially useful for owners with costly optional equipment and personal effects, owners who attend rallies or parade events, and owners who want to protect their investment with more than just the basics. The Elite Package includes everything in the Plus Package plus $5,000 for optional equipment, $2,000 replacement cost for personal effects, $2,500 for helmet and safety apparel, and both Track Day and Parade Day coverage.

A variety of discounts are available with any of these packages. Available discounts vary by state but can include things like multi-policy coverage, locked storage, safety courses, and more. Because every customer’s budget is a little different, we offer several flexible payment plans plus deductible options and limits to help keep premium payments affordable.

Need help deciding what motorcycle or off-road vehicle insurance is right for you? I can help. Give me a call at 303-922-1001.