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New For 2019: Sewer Line Insurance For Your Home

A sewer line break on your property can easily cost upwards of $10,000, or even more to repair.  For years this was simply a maintenance issue and insurance companies did not cover this type of wear and tear and maintenance. So, I’m pleased to announce we’ve just introduced Service Line Insurance to protect you against [...]

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Safety Tips: Don’t Let Fire Spoil Your Holiday Season

December means it’s holiday season. Unfortunately, it also means it’s fire season. There are more house fires during the holidays than any time of the year. The main reason: The many lights -- including candles -- that go with the holidays. I hope you have an enjoyable and safe holiday season. With that in mind, [...]

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Mysterious Disappearance Can Mean Loss of Insurance Coverage

Many of us enjoy a good mystery -- unless it involves our insurance. If you lose a valuable piece of property, your insurance reimbursement -- or lack of it -- may depend on whether your policy includes a Mysterious Disappearance Clause. A Mysterious Disappearance Clause is just what the name says. If your property, renter’s [...]

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Landlord Insurance – What you Need to Know

  Turning your house into a rental property is a big step. And one that changes your insurance needs. You’re insuring the same dwelling. But the focus of your coverage changes.  If you've recently become a landlord, or if you've been a landlord for many years, you need to know and understand landlord insurance. Homeowner [...]

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Vacant Home Insurance

  If you own a home or commercial property, you almost certainly have homeowner’s insurance or commercial property insurance. But what if residential or commercial property you own becomes vacant? That can change your insurance needs.  You'll need to secure Vacant Home Insurance. Homes become vacant for many reasons. A parent or grandparent is living [...]

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Impact Resistant Roof Discounts will Save you BIG!

Did you know that with all the hail we get in Colorado having an impact resistant roof can not only save you hundreds on your home insurance, but also save you from filing a home claim when moderate hail storms occur.  Here is a list of asphalt roofs that receive the biggest roof discounts on [...]

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New Roof Discount Can Mean Big Savings on Your Home Insurance

Good news for Colorado homeowners replacing their roofs: With our new roof discount, you can save big money on your home insurance. And the more impact-resistant your new roof, the bigger the discount. A typical new roof can get you a discount of up to 40 percent. A Class 3 and 4 Impact Resistant Roof [...]

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Vacation Rental By Owner Insurance (VRBO Insurance)

Vacation Rental by Owner, or VRBO, is currently the fastest growing rental segment in the U.S.  Short Term Rentals came about primarily because of the high cost of owning a second home.  Many second homesare only used 2 – 3 months of the year.  VRBO allows the owner to rent out their property on a short [...]

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Homeowner Insurance

If you are preparing to purchase homeowner insurance, congratulations! You are likely about to make one of the most important purchases in your life. There are a number of reasons you will want to purchase the right Homeowner policy from a reputable company and a knowledgeable insurance professional. The top reason: your home is likely [...]

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Six Ways to Prepare your Home Insurance for Wildfire Season.

6 Ways to prepare your home insurance for a wildfire With the tragic fires we’ve had in recent years and another dry winter, I figured it was timely to better educate my clients on things you need to look for in your home insurance to be properly covered.  It seems as everybody wants the cheapest [...]

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