Are you a general contractor having trouble finding builder’s risk insurance that fits your needs — and an insurance company that understands those needs?

Our specialists can help, with comprehensive and flexible plans for both residential and commercial builders. We work with Zurich American Insurance Company, a leading provider of builder’s risk insurance, to offer a wide range of builder’s risk coverage, including:

  • Theft: Covers equipment to be installed plus building and landscaping materials from the moment they’re delivered to your job site.
  • Materials in transit and at temporary locations: Covers job materials in transit to your location plus temporary office and tool trailers at your site. Includes coverage for materials that are installed or uninstalled, including landscaping.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown: Covers breakdowns of plumbing, air conditioning lines and elevators.
  • Sewers and drains: Covers backup of sewers and drains, with no deductible.
  • Laws and ordinances: Covers losses due to changes in laws or ordinances.
  • Model homes and unsold dwellings: Optional coverage that protects models and their contents and completed homes that haven’t yet been sold.
  • Profit: We can also protect your profit in the total estimated completed value of a project.

We’re able to insure small projects and large intricate residential and commercial jobs.

We also offer a large range of financing options that give you the option of paying for the policy as you build the structure rather than all at once or choosing annual or monthly rates. We offer volume discounts and installment payments for larger builders.

There’s no deposit or special fee required, letting you keep more of the money you make. There’s no coinsurance penalty on losses under $25,000, if the structure is properly reported. And our Builders Risk Reward Program offers a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to conviction in cases of arson, vandalism or theft at your job site.

We offer other options as well.

Builder’s Risk for Homeowner Remodels

We also offer builder’s risk policies for homeowners planning a major remodeling project — adding a room, an extensive upgrade to a bath or kitchen, adding a level to your house or scraping an existing house and replacing it with a new one, for example.

Builder’s risk insurance is especially important during major remodeling because many homeowner policies exclude coverage if your home is under major renovation.

Questions? Whether you’re a builder or a homeowner, I can help. You can reach me at 303-922-1001.