I generally use this space to talk about insurance. But I want to use it for something else today. I want to talk about Little Free Libraries.

We moved to a new location several months ago on the edges of the Athmar Park and Ruby Hill neighborhoods in west Denver.

We put a Little Free Library outside our office a few weeks ago to share books with our new neighbors. And people are using it, taking books to read and, often, donating books of their own to carry the benefit forward.

If you haven’t heard of them, Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire a love of reading and community involvement.

A fellow named Todd Bol built the first Little Free Library in 2009 in Hudson, Wisconsin. It was a wooden container designed to look like a one-room schoolhouse. He built it as a tribute to his mother. You guessed it. She was a book lover and a teacher.

Little Free Library officially incorporated in May 2012 and quickly became designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS.

The original goal was to create 2,150 Little Libraries to surpass the number of libraries founded by Andrew Carnegie. They’ve blown past that. As of November 2016, there were more than 50,000 registered Little Free Libraries in more than two dozen countries. We ‘ve sent off the paperwork to register ours, which means people who live in Denver and Lakewood will be able to find our location online.

Building and setting up our own Little Free Library was a fun project — members of our staff built it entirely by hand — and a way to share books with our neighbors. We’ve found children’s books to be the most popular so far. Want to build or buy your own Little Free Library? You’ll find information about building or buying your own Little Free Library at www.LittleFreeLibrary.org.

What does this have to do with insurance? Nothing. If you have insurance questions, you’ll find me at 303-922-1001. If you’re in the Athmar Park-Ruby Hill neighborhood, stop by to talk about your insurance needs. And you can pick up a free book from our Little Free Library.