You don’t need to be a millionaire to be sued like one! (Part 1)

Our society is getting more and more litigious every day.  $100,000 isn’t what it used to be.  There was a time when carrying $100,000 in liability was great coverage.  While $100,000 is still four times [...]

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Five Ways to Keep Your Auto Insurance Costs LOW!

1. Bundle your insurance with one carrier. Insurance companies tend to reward people who insure multiple lines of business. This includes home, autos, rental properties, commercial policies, life insurance, motorcycles, ATVs and much more! 2. [...]

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Eco Rebuild Coverage

Eco Rebuild Coverage is possibly one of the most innovative coverages to have with your home insurance policy. It's good for the environment, and who wouldn't love a house like the one to the left? With [...]

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