Mike Schmisek is the owner and founder of the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike decided to start the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency after a successful career in business management and leadership. Mike was frustrated with the limits of service that he could provide to his clients while working as an employee. Mike saw a service void in the insurance industry and looked at it as an opportunity to grow a successful business built on service, value and trust. Read more.



Homeowner Insurance

If you are preparing to purchase Homeowner insurance, congratulations! You are likely about to make one of the most important purchases [...]

Actual Cash Value versus Replacement Cost

I see hundreds of declaration pages every year from hundreds of insurance companies from all across Colorado.  Oftentimes if an [...]

Uninsured Motorist on an Umbrella?

Uninsured Motorist is a coverage that you are able to waive in the state of Colorado, however the coverage is [...]