Mike Schmisek is the owner and founder of the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike decided to start the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency after a successful career in business management and leadership. Mike was frustrated with the limits of service that he could provide to his clients while working as an employee. Mike saw a service void in the insurance industry and looked at it as an opportunity to grow a successful business built on service, value and trust. Read more.



Rental Tool Insurance

Do you use rental tools in your business? If so, we can offer you a wide range of tool-rental insurance. [...]

Insuring Your Employees’ Tools Can Protect Your Business

Did you know you can insure the tools of your employees? When I first suggest this to many business owners, [...]

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Mysterious Disappearance Can Mean Loss of Insurance Coverage

Many of us enjoy a good mystery -- unless it involves our insurance. If you lose a valuable piece of [...]